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We at Accurate Investigative Solutions have built our company to focus on our company values that we strive to offer to each of our clients. Our first value is customer care. We believe in focusing on the objectives of our clients. Our second value is team work. We all have to work as a team to achieve the client’s objectives and the goals of our company. The third value we focus on is integrity. We do this by serving our clients with accurate information and always being truthful about the evidence that we have gathered from the case and the theories formulated from the facts of the case.

Tools We Use at Accurate Investigative Solutions

Accurate Investigative Solutions believes in providing the best up-to-date technology that is on the market to help our clients seek the information they need . We offer a case management system to our clients. This case management system will allow each client to order or check the status of the ongoing case. The clients will be able to view, read, download, print case updates, such as videos, pictures, documents, and reports that the field investigators have gathered. Our case management system also alerts the client by email on any case status changes. We also make it easy for the clients to order services and upload the necessary documents from our portal system. We use multiple databases to collect information needed to provide for our clients’ case. We also have placed an online calendar to help each client to schedule appointments. This will help us know the best times that work for our clients and gives us the appropriate timeline to gather the information for our clients. If you have a case that you need some real answers to, please give us a call today. Accurate Investigative Solutions wants to provide the most up to date and user friendly services to our clients and also provide clients with the information that they need for investigations or cases.

Confidentiality and Licenses

We value the confidentiality of our clients and honor their privacy. We want to make sure that we do not break our client’s confidentiality on case information. When we add new clients, we have them sign a confidentiality agreement before we provide our services.

We offer affordable rates to our clients on our services that we provide. We want to provide quality service for an affordable cost to our clients.

Accurate Investigative Solutions has a private investigation license serving the state of Indiana. We want to be able to provide all Hoosiers with our services and help meet clients’ needs and objectives. Also as a private investigation company, we have insurance to help support us and the clients in investigations.


At Accurate Investigative Solutions, we make our staff undergo over the state requirements of training that helps provide clients with accurate information regarding their objectives and cases. This helps the staff understand the rules and regulations with private investigation services so that we provide ethical service to our clients. Staff will undergo training with field interviews and also receive training on interrogation techniques. There will also be training held to teach field investigators to write successful reports for our clients.

If there are any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

At Accurate Investigative Solutions, we strive to provide accurate and knowledgeable information to our clients that reflects the core values of our company.